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The Court Martial of Captain Kathryn Janeway Conclusion

By Caillan Davenport
Posted at April 1, 2001 - 11:51 PM GMT

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Jury, the fate of Captain Kathryn Janeway now rests in your hands. Consider Captain Janeway’s conduct over the last seven years, the necessity of walking the fine line between breaking Starfleet regulations and preserving the lives of her crew. She had to make the tough choices - but were they the right ones? Or did Captain Janeway’s unique situation necessitate a different outlook?

The Prosecution

  • First Speaker for the Prosecution - Opening the case for the prosecution, Lt. Commander Sara Rose paid great attention to Captain Janeway’s decision to destroy the Array, and highlighted her dealings with the Kazon. Were these the actions of a woman unfit for command?

  • Second Speaker for the Prosecution - Continuing the case for the prosecution, Commander Iccny concentrated on Captain Janeway’s “improper” attitude towards trading technology, as well as drawing attention to her interrogation of Crewman Noah Lessing. What does this say about the Captain’s judgement?
The Defence

  • First Speaker for the Defence - Admiral D. Woim, first speaker for the defence, maintains that there is a “flavour” to events that the facts do not wholly demonstrate, and that each and every decision made by Captain Janeway was fitting for the situation. How can a Captain be punished for making the tough decisions that were the correct actions at the time?

  • Second Speaker for the Defence - Finally, Lisa, Grand High Janewayite, continued the defence, proclaiming Captain Janeway as a hero, a Captain who places people above regulations, and who got her crew home. Should Starfleet treat a hero as a criminal?
All the speakers have presented their cases respectfully, logically and rationally. The choice is now yours - Guilty or Not Guilty?

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Caillan Davenport is moderator of the Trek BBS Science Fiction and Fantasy forum and is editor of the J-Team newsletter. His 'A Briefing With Caillan' column is published regularly here at the Trek Nation.

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