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Ron & Brannon

By Christian Höhne Sparborth
Posted at July 8, 1999 - 5:00 AM GMT

Over the past two weeks, nothing has commanded more attention than the Ron Moore / Brannon Braga rumours. Several key points in this include the initial announcement of Ron Moore's departure at TrekWeb, a report at Ain't It Cool News which strongly criticized Brannon Braga, and an article here at the Trek Nation defending Braga. Now, we've compiled a special feature for you which includes two new articles, a farewell to Ron Moore by one of his former colleagues, and an all-new edition of the mailbag! Find it all below!

Farewell To Ron Moore

  • In this farewell, a former colleague of Ron Moore at Paramount says goodbye to one of Star Trek's greatest assets, and expresses his/her sorrows over the whole turn of events that led to Moore's departure.

Farewell From Ron Moore

  • Goodnight and Goodbye. In this open letter, posted by Ronald D. Moore to his AOL folder, he talks about his reasons for leaving, his ten years on Star Trek, and one last Voyager anecdote.

Featured Articles

  • Ethics, Journalism and the Star Trek Way. John Bierce looks at the development of online Trek 'journalism,' and tells us why Star Trek news site should be careful to follow 'the Star Trek Way.'

  • A Response to Voyager. Fred Shedian defends Voyager and its executive producer Brannon Braga, and asks the internet to be a little bit more positive.


  • In the first special edition of the Trek Nation mailbag, you can read what Trek fans just like you thought about the whole matter! It even contains a letter from 'recook77,' one of the people who first posted a report criticizing Brannon Braga.

Defending Braga

  • In a featured article which caused quite a stir several days ago, Valentine Winter reacts to the attacks on Brannon Braga, and uncovers some surprising info about the background of those attacks.

  • Responding to 'Defending Braga.' After you've read the above article, you might want to read this response by Steve 'Berserker' Perry, one of the people mentioned in Valentine's article.

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Christian Höhne Sparborth is webmaster of the Trek Nation.

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