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Second DS9 Finale Screening Report

By 'Scotto'
Posted at June 1, 1999 - 5:00 AM GMT

Friday, May 28, 1999; 6:30-9:00pm

The Museum had a second screening the two-hour finale of this science fiction series. This was a follow up to the premier that was held the night before. Many of the recurring guest cast were present and answered questions before the screening. It was a very casual atmosphere, and everyone in attendance had a great time.

I will not go into a review since Jeff 'Koganuts' Koga already did a great job. But the following is a list of who was there and a little of what was said in the Q&A session. The Session was done before the screening this time, and just after Ira filled in the L.A audience of the plot lines in "Dogs of War" that had not aired yet in L.A.


  • Ira Steven Behr, Exec. Prod.
  • Mark Alaimo, Dukat
  • Casey Biggs, Damar
  • Jeffrey Combs, Weyoun/Brunt
  • Aron Eisenberg, Nog
  • J.G. Hertzler, Martok
  • Salome Jenis, Female ShapeShifter
  • Barry Jenner, Admiral Ross
  • Andrew Robinson, Garak

Some brief Q&A notes:
- Most of the questions asked were directed at the whole panel. This often lead to more free form discussion that real Q&A.
- Ira Steven Behr said that James Darren was not able to be there. He was at a photo shoot for a new CD with songs from DS9. He didn't say that this was a "Vic Fontaine" CD, but Ira did let on that the songs were ones from the show.
- Marc Alaimo said that Avery Brooks did hit him in the nose while shooting the Sisko/Dukat fight scene, But Marc said it wasn't broken.
- All panelists were asked about what is was like to work under all the make-up, and most just laughed saying they all had long stories, but the one story they shared happened the day of the Northridge Earthquake that blacked out all of L.A. It seems that Armin Shimerman, Andrew Robinson and another un-named actor were all in the make-up trailer at the time of the quake. Andrew was able to get in touch with his family, but Armin couldn't reach his family, so he jumped in the car with full "Quark" make-up. They said that with all the traffic lights out, L.A. Drivers were forced to look at each other, and for some strange reason, Armin was always given the right away!
- Salome Jenis said that for a long time, she didn't know if her character was good or bad, but it was great to be able to finely say, "Exterminate them, All of them"
- Aron Eisenberg was asked if he would "do Moogie" to which Aron said "No!" that was his Grandmother and it wouldn't be right for a family show. Aron and Jeffrey seemed to be very good friends and set each other up for many jokes.
- A question was asked of the entire panel, Who would sign up again for another Star Trek? As each raised they arm, one of the panelists said the question should be "Who wouldn't sign up?"

After the screening, Ira said "That's it folks." Most of the people attending left, but the cast stayed around talking to each other, talking to friends and fans. I got the feeling that it was hard for some of them to say goodbye. It was over.

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'Scotto' recently attended the second DS9 finale screening.

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