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Trekkies 2 Soundtrack

By Jacqueline Bundy
Posted at October 8, 2004 - 6:25 PM GMT

No matter how you feel about the Trekkies movies, if you enjoy both Star Trek and diverse musical styles then you'll love the official soundtrack to Trekkies 2. You don't even need to have seen the movies to enjoy it; all you need is a sense of humor. Available worldwide October 5th, the Trekkies 2 soundtrack not only includes the music of the Star Trek-themed bands you meet in the movie but lots of other goodies as well.

Produced by Reboot Music, the Trekkies 2 soundtrack features 35 tracks, including the theme song "Beam Me Up" written and performed by the B-52's front man Fred Schneider and keyboardist Pat Irwin. All the songs on the CD are bracketed by some of the more memorable and amusing sound bites from both movies. Several of the songs were recorded live and while the vocal abilities of some of those artists leaves something to be desired the majority of the songs are an awful lot of fun to listen to.

The two songs performed by Sci-Fi rockers Warp 11 are the real highlights of the CD, the quality of the music and extremely clever lyrics are head and shoulders above the rest. "Everything I Do, I Do With William Shatner" is a tongue-in-cheek mixture of pop, rock and punk while "Red Alert" is a hard driving rock tune that lingers in your mind although the version of "Red Alert" on this CD has been sanitized a bit from the original version that can be found on Warp 11's album of the same name.

Okay I'll admit it; I was surprised by how much I enjoyed the "Filk" songs. I actually found myself singing along with the chorus during "Banned From Argo" by Leslie Fish. Since it is easily the longest track on the CD you'll pick it up fast. The same could be said for "The Expendable Guy" performed by two teenage sisters Angelica and Athrylis Sather Hodgetts. They are both very catchy tunes.

The heavy metal sound of the Klingon band Stovokor isn't exactly my taste but their guttural renditions of "For the Glory of Qo'nos" and "Life in Exile" leave no doubt that these guys have the soul of Klingon warriors. Also a bit hard on the ears is the hard core punk sound of No Kill I and No Kill I: The Next Generation. Both of these No Kill I bands were recorded live in front of a very raucous audience.

No Kill I: Deep Space Nine is a bit easier to take but they have the unfortunate position in the track order of following Warp 11. Even with the sound bites to provide a bit of a transition the difference in the quality of the music and vocals made me long to hit the forward button and advance to the next track.

Overall though this soundtrack is a lot of fun to listen to and well worth checking out. You can find the complete track listing and hear some mp3 excerpts at Reboot Music.

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