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Warp 11's 'Boldly Go Down...'

By Jacqueline Bundy
Posted at April 7, 2005 - 9:24 PM GMT

Title: Boldly Go Down On Me
Artist: Warp 11
Release Date: March 2005
Format: Audio CD
AISN: B00080AQ6U

Taking inspiration from all over the rock world for their new album, the sci-fi rock group Warp 11 has produced their best and most musically diverse album yet with Boldly Go Down On Me. Featuring Captain Karl Miller on bass, Chief Medical Officer Jeff Hewitt on drums, Chief Engineer Brian Moore on guitar and Chief Science Officer Kiki Stockhammer on keyboards, it's impossible to stay still while you listen to Boldly Go Down On Me.

Boldly Go Down On Me is Warp 11's third album for Reboot Music and with each new release they just keep getting better and better. I had doubts that the band could top their last album, Red Alert, but incredibly, they've managed to do just that. With 14 tracks, the songs on Boldly Go Down On Me exude raw emotion, sexual energy and at times explicit lyrics. (Boldly Go Down On Me carries a Parental Advisory Warning.) From the upbeat and bouncy sound of the current radio hit "She Make It So" to the hard driving rock sound of "Rage Against the Federation" and all points in between, each and every song on this CD has something unique to communicate.

Don't be surprised to find yourself singing along to the surprisingly melodic "Kill Kill Kill Kill Kill Kill Klingons" or pondering why a Talosian head looks "like a butt crack" while you listen to "Give it Up for the Captain". Several of the songs will leave you grinning long after you've listened. Stockhammer's sultry rendition of "My Electric Man" and the hysterical "A Song for People Who Never Watch Star Trek" are just pure fun. The band even manages to have a little amusement with the Star Trek versus Star Wars debate in "Captain Caught Me on the Holodeck".

In a very pleasant and a stark contrast in tone, "Welcome to our Cube" is reminiscent of a fast Paso Doble while Miller's vocals in the haunting "Man on a Mission" highlight his strengths, as does the folksy sound of the title track "Boldly Go Down on Me".

Whether you or not you appreciate Warp 11's Star Trek homage, you've got to admire their musical ability and creativity and their willingness to poke fun at themselves. Warp 11 never takes themselves too seriously but they do take their music seriously and that music is simply fantastic on Boldly Go Down On Me.

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