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Montgomery on Star Trek: Enterprise

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While he keeps a diplomatic silence on the unpopular finale to Star Trek: Enterprise, (These Are the Voyages,) Star Trek : Enterprise’s Anthony Montgomery believes that Star Trek: Enterprise would make a good motion picture.

As reported by Trekweb, Montgomery enjoyed his time on the most recent Star Trek television series. “I’m honored to be a part of the Star Trek franchise and to be attached to such an amazing tradition in cinema,” he said. “The optimistic outlook of Gene Roddenberry’s original vision is something that will stand the test of time. I’m proud to be a member of the Star Trek family. I treasure the relationships that I have with all of my former cast mates and the fact that I now have loyal fans all around the world.”The former Travis Mayweather was sorry to see the series end. “Travis was a fun character to play because of the excitement he had going into the different scenarios. I really enjoyed the show and miss the adventures. I feel like we came into our own during the fourth season. The Xindi arc really gave more of a ‘sense of urgency’ to the show and I believe that momentum carried over into the fourth season. Manny (Coto) is a fantastic writer and definitely changed the dynamics of the direction of the show.”

But what about that controversial series finale? “I didn’t watch the finale,” admitted Montgomery. “I’ll keep my feelings to myself.”

Even though the series ended prematurely, Montgomery feels that Star Trek: Enterprise would make a good movie. “I do believe our series would make a good motion picture, especially given the strength of season four. I’d be glad to be involved if Paramount wanted to do a feature film. It would be great to work with Scott, Jolene, Connor, Dominic, John and Linda again.”

To read more, including Montgomery’s current projects, head to the article located here.

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