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‘Star Trek XI’ Sneak Peek at WonderCon, Starfleet cadet, ‘Star Trek’ QUOGS.

  • Comic-con has posted the schedule for WonderCon2009, which opens later this month. Included in the schedule is a forty-five minute block of time on February 28th at 2:00 P.M. for Paramount Pictures and Spyglass Entertainment to promote Star Trek XI. Fans are encouraged to “Be among the first to see exclusive sneak peek footage from this exciting adventure before its May 8 release. Plus a special guest you won’t want to miss, appearing live on the WonderCon stage.”

  • Speaking of Star Trek XI, one of the actresses in the film spoke briefly with IGN.Com. Tania Gunadi told IGN that she is playing a Starfleet cadet. “It’s a small role,” she said. “I worked for three days and they were shooting for about four months. But I will say that I am an alien. I’m one of the aliens. I must say that the makeup took about four or five hours to put on and two hours to take off – to remove. It’s pretty cool, but I can’t tell you what the alien is.”

  • CBS announced newly designed characters from the original series that will be appearing soon on new products, according to TrekMovie.com. The characters, called QUOGS, will appear on watches, as vinyl figures, on t-shirts, greeting cards and more. According to CBS Products Executive Vice President Liz Kalodner, “The development of QUOGS displays the continued power of the Star Trek brand and its ability to bring smiles to fans around the world. With Star Trek’s rich history, we believe QUOGS is a gateway to the future.”

  • Star Trek: The Exhibit recently opened at the Detroit Science Center, according to MSNBC, where it will run through September 7th. The interactive exhibit features props from the original series, costumes and models. There is a re-creation of the Bridge of the Enterprise where fans can pose for pictures with “crewmembers,” and a full-motion flight simulator.

  • TVshowsonDVD.com reports that it is rumored that all three seasons of the original series may be in the pipeline for release as early as May of this year. In addition, Star Trek: The Original Motion Picture Collection (with the first six films) and Star Trek: The Motion Picture Trilogy (the 2nd-4th films) have been confirmed for a mid-to-late May release.

  • The Shatner Project has put up a video clip of some of the Raw Nerve interview with Drew Carey. Carey told William Shatner why he got into improv. “I started doing it with the cast of the ‘Drew Carey Show,’ explained Carey. “We used to go every Thursday to the Improv and do improv together. But it was the cast of a sitcom, and making up our own stuff altogether on stage. I loved it and it was my little “F.U.” to all the other shows. That’s really the reason I did it. Just to show up…I’d love to see the casts of these other shows go up without the writers and be as funny as we are.”

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