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Shatner On Acting Challenges And Raw Nerve

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According to William Shatner, making a science fiction movie or show can mean going back to being a child, when one must use imagination to get the scene done.

As reported by The Shatner Project, “Science fiction film acting is very challenging,” explained Shatner. “Frequently, they’ll put a flag, a stand up someplace with an “x” made of tape and…what is that over there? What is that coming towards us?…It’s an exercise in imagination. And you’re right back to a three-year-old, who is playing with blocks and playing with blocks and doing and you’re right, you’re playing the child inside you.”

Shatner also spoke with The Sydney Morning Herald, about Raw Nerve. When asked if he would like to have Star Trek XI Director J.J. Abrams on, Shatner said, “I would love to. That…is a great suggestion. Everybody that we think of has to be okayed by the network and so I am going to take that name right now when we close up the phone and suggest it, because I think he’d (Abrams) jump at it.”

What would Shatner like to discuss with Abrams? “He is a bit of an intellectual,” said Shatner. “A bit of a geek. He’s not a physically strong guy, but yet his strength in making movies is action films. Where does this sense of action and force come from a guy whose basic nature is not that?”

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