May 26 2024


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Cake Trek

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Some Star Trek fans build intricate models of the Enterprise, but what about a model of the Enterprise that looks good and is edible?

As reported by Cake Wrecks, creative fans have designed cakes based on the various Star Trek TV shows or movies.

Amongst them is the Star Trek Enterprise 1701 refit cake created by brothers Edward and Antoni Frys of European Cake Gallery. Their Enterprise refit cake, seenhere, took days to make, with the support structure alone taking three days.
The support base for the refit Enterprise was made of foam, but the nacelles were made from an edible mixture of Rice Krispie treats and white chocolate.

Other cakes are more traditional. One wedding cake had a Star Trek couple topper, as seen here, with a male Vulcan groom and a female Klingon bride. The real life bridal couple had a Star Trek wedding where the groom did portray a Vulcan and the bride was dressed up as a Klingon female.

Another cake had a large gold Federation symbol

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