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Wheaton Talks Leverage

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Now that the Leverage episode in which Wil Wheaton appeared has aired, an incident mentioned in Wheaton’s blog (July 17th entry) is finally explained.

Sometimes, when making a television show or filming a movie, the unexpected happens. “We were shooting a bunch of footage for the security cams where you see Chaos [Wheaton] outside,” Wheaton explained. “There’s that scene where you see Chaos standing outside Sophie’s apartment building, getting ready to take those flowers in, and we were shooting it in an actual apartment building, on a real street, with people walking around and somehow this woman got past our PAs.”

“She was going into the building and she walked right up to me and wanted to see these flowers and who were they for, and could she smell them, and you know where did they come from, and I thought, well let’s see, if this was really happening, this guy would stand here and he would be charming and he would engage her and talk with her, and answer her questions and then just send her on her way to be as unremarkable and unmemorable as possible,” said Wheaton. “So that’s what I did and played that out with her, and then she left and I looked around and went right into the building behind her.”

Wheaton enjoyed the unexpected encounter. “It’s very rare that you get an opportunity to have something completely unexpected happen and just play with it and incorporate it as part of the reality of the show,” he said. “Back in the old days, if we were filming on film, they would have cut the cameras immediately because it’s just too expensive to keep the film rolling. But we’re shooting on a Red camera, so that wasn’t even an issue at all. And it was a really fun, really memorable moment. In a filming experience that was just wall-to-wall awesome, that was one of the things that is really going to stay with me for a very long time.”

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