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Billingsley At CzechTrek 4

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John Billingsley and his wife Bonita Friedericy were at Czech Trek 4 in Prague recently and gave the audience plenty of amusement with their wacky antics.

“This is going to freak me out,” said Billingsley, when the man assigned to translate began his task. “Start drinking,” he said to the translator, to whom he had given a bottle of booze.

“I cannot,” said the man.

“I need another translator!” said Billingsley, to laughter and applause from the audience. The next translator took a hearty drink from the bottle. “Now THAT’s a translator!” shouted Billingsley.

Not to be outdone, Billingsley’s wife Bonnie, when called out by Billingsley, ran out with a roll of toilet paper in one hand and a long strip of toilet paper in the other hand. “I’m sorry I was in the bathroom,” she explained.

When her husband gave away ham sandwiches provided for them to the audience, Bonnie said, “This is what John does with everything we own!”

“Who wants my pants?” said Billingsley.

“Nein. Nein on the pant-ze” joked Bonnie. “How do you say pants?”

Billingsley opened up the floor to questions from the audience. “What’s your favorite episode from Star Trek: Enterprise and why?” was the first question.

“Anything where he had a lot of lines, or was naked,” said Bonnie.

“I quite liked the episode Dear Doctor, which was on in the first season,” said Billingsley. “I thought that episode was the first episode that began to treat the doctor as if he were a three-dimensional person. I also liked the episode where my wife appeared, the fictional wife. And then she wanted to sleep with Trip. That seemed a little unfair to me, but I liked it anyway.”

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