April 12 2024


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Star Trek Movie Failure Ruinous For Hardy

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Earlier this summer, Tom Hardy, who played Shinzon in 2002’s Star Trek: Nemesis, claimed that the movie’s poor performance led him into addiction.

After Star Trek: Nemesis flopped at the box office, Hardy, thought to be the “Next Big Thing,” descended into alcohol and crack addition, which cost him his marriage. “I went entirely off the rails and I’m lucky I didn’t have some terrible accident or end up in prison or dead, because that’s where I was going,” he said. “Now I know my beast and I know how to manage it. It’s like living with a four-hundred-pound orangutan that wants to kill me. It’s much more powerful than me, doesn’t speak the same language and it runs around the darkness of my soul. I would sell my mother for a rock of crack.”

Hardy understands why he drank. “The drink is a symptom of a problem, an inability to accept life on its own terms,” he said.

The rejection rate of Hollywood helped to make him insecure and more vulnerable. “It’s a brutal business but it’s masochism, isn’t it? If you have a capacity for damage and you live with damage, then you seek damage.”

Becoming a father a year ago has changed Hardy. “It’s no longer about just you. You have to get on with things. I may be working away a lot but I’m working damned hard to make sure my boy is getting everything he needs.”

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