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Lindelof Trek Sequel Tease

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It must be difficult to answer the same questions without being able to give out solid information, but for Star Trek XI Producer Damon Lindelof, having a sense of humor helps.

Sometimes, the questions asked must make one scratch one’s head. When asked what the opening sequence of Star Trek XII would be, Lindelof laughed and said “Pan in on…there’s a crawl.  This is what nobody is expecting.  There’s a crawl and it basically says, ‘Years have passed.  Many, many, many years.  So many years, that everybody’s old and gray.’  I’m not telling you anything about that.”

Lindelof went on to talk about how he would approach the sequel. “I think we’ve had a lot of thought,” he said. “And I think we’ve reached consensus on the answer to that question and we’re certainly not going to share it with you. I mean, sometimes it works great. I remember for me, how exciting it was to see the first Bourne movie and go, oh my god, like the first half of this movie actually took place between a few of the scenes in the last movie, and now the entire context of him being across the street from Joan Allen take on…but if they had told me that before I went and saw the movie, oh this actually takes place between the cracks of the last movie, it would have made that discovery less organic.  So I think what we like to do as storytellers is drop you in the middle of something and the question you ask yourself is, ‘Where am I in relation to the last time I left these guys?  Could this be something, perhaps, something that pre-dated the adventures that they had in the last movie?  Does it happen five years later?  Is it happening two seconds later?’  Who knows?  We’re not going to tell you.”

Asked if he was “looking at a 2012 release date for Star Trek XII,” Lindelof said, “Is that what everyone who came before me said?  Yeah, I think that we would be hard pressed to get it on screens by 2011.  But if that’s the case, we’d better get to writing right now.”

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