June 25 2024


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Fuller’s Pushing Daisies Lives On

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Star Trek Writer/Co-producer Bryan Fuller‘s series Pushing Daisies lasted a mere two seasons on television, but has been granted new life as a comic.

Pushing Daisies centered on pie-maker Ned, who had the magical ability to bring back to life anyone or anything that was dead with a single touch. There were two “catches” though; if he touched the revived person/plant/animal again, it died forever, and if something remained alive for more than a minute, something or someone else in close proximity had to die to equal out things. Ned used his unique talent to help solve unexplained murders.

Fuller is working on the WildStorm comic, which, according to Pushing Daisies star Chi McBride (Detective Emerson Cod) is “about a whole bunch of corpses coming to life. That’s all I know so far, but Bryan was kind enough to share the first few pages. It looks read good.”

“It seems a little darker,” said McBride, “which is a lot of things that Bryan couldn’t do. There’s one particular story that I hope he does called The Head. I wished he could’ve done it during the series. It was awesome.”

There is no word yet on the release date, but TrekToday will let readers know when it is announced.


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