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Blalock On Sci-Fi And T’Pol

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A science fiction fan from her childhood days, Jolene Blalock loves playing roles in the sci-fi/fantasy genre.

Part of the attraction of sci-fi and fantasy, for Blalock, is that it makes people think beyond the ordinary.

“Well, sci-fi/fantasy is always going to attract me, because it’s something that’s special to my heart,” said Blalock. “Growing up, I grew up on the original Star Trek. Also, when I was in sixth grade, I would come home from school and watch the Star Wars trilogy back to back every day for the entire year. It’s something that brings humanity outside of itself. It makes us think outside of ourselves, it presents the question what if, what if we could jump the timeline, what if we could meet another intelligent species, what if we could colonize on another planet. It deals with very big ideas, so sci-fi/fantasy, you can do [anything].:

As T’Pol, Blalock enjoyed her character’s effect on the men on the Enterprise. “I enjoyed her ability to suck the air out of a room,” said Blalock. “I enjoyed her, what I mean is, the boys could be having their boys moments and she would walk in and all the air would just be sucked out of the room. I enjoyed that. And she didn’t have to say anything. I loved her inability to take a joke. Or to get a joke.”

T’Pol had something in common with Blalock’s Sister Nicci character from Legend of the Seeker, both were strong characters without sacrificing femininity. “”I enjoy every role that I take, for different reasons,” said Blalock. “Effeminate, I feel that T’Pol was quite feminine in her own right, and I feel that all of my characters have been quite feminine. They’ve been strong females.”

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