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Nimoy’s Vulcan Homecoming

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Leonard Nimoy will be visiting Vulcan on Friday, April 23, but his visit will be to the Canadian town of that name, not the Federation planet.

After accepting an invitation to the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo, Nimoy decided to stop off at Vulcan for several hours. “”I decided that not only would I got there but since I’m that close I would also make the trip to Vulcan,” he explained.

Nimoy has helped out the town in the past, arranging last year for a screening of Star Trek XI to be held in nearby Calgary after Paramount said “no” to having the Star Trek XI world premiere in Vulcan itself. “I contacted the people at Paramount and said we’ve got to do something about this,” said Nimoy. “Because it’s unfair that my people in Vulcan are not getting this screening.”

Now Nimoy will be in Vulcan for the unveiling of a commissioned bronze bust portraying his character Spock. Nimoy will leave behind a “live long and prosper” hand print, and he will also loan Vulcan two Star Trek items from his personal collection; a pair of Spock ears once worn during filming of the original series, and a lithograph of the original Star Trek cast, autographed by the actors.

“I’m looking forward to being there and to wish you all to live long and prosper, and we’re going to have a good time,” said Nimoy, in a phone call to the Vulcan Advocate “I want to touch the ground there. I want to see the museum. I want to meet some people and shake some hands, and maybe give a lift to the town.”

According to Nimoy, taking on the role of Spock changed him over time. “I was much more emotional in my acting and in my life than Spock would have been, so I had to learn to be the more rational, logical character,” he said. “And I think gradually as I began to do that five days a week, twelve hours each day for three years I personally became more Spock-like. I think we had a crossover.”

Spock was a positive alien character, which Nimoy liked. “Up until Spock came along, aliens were always the bad people,” he said. “And here came an alien character that was loyal, that was dependable, that was intelligent, that was useful, responsible, good to have around.”

What will Nimoy’s visit to Vulcan mean to the actor? “I will always for the rest of my life be able to say I’ve been to Vulcan,” Nimoy said.

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