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Nimoy: Quinto And Shatner Movie Worries

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Leonard Nimoy was once worried about Zachary Quinto taking on the role of Spock. William Shatner‘s concerns from an earlier movie were about Nimoy himself.

Nothing was wrong with Quinto, according to Nimoy, but he had concerns when he heard that the actor had landed the role.

“They sent me some footage to look at when they were deciding who should do that job,” Nimoy explained. “I said, ‘He looks enough like me to make it work.’ But more importantly you can see him thinking, there’s a brain, there’s some thought going on, which is very important to this character because there’s so much inner life in the Spock character.

“Zachary is a very well-trained and intelligent actor…I’m very flattered to see the character live on with a good actor…But when we first met, I said, ‘Do you have any idea what you’re getting into?'”

Nimoy also shared an older memory. When the news came out that he would be directing Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home, Nimoy became the object of someone else’s worries. His co-star, Shatner, was the one worried this time. “When Bill Shatner heard I was going to direct a ‘Star Trek‘ movie he went into deep shock,” said Nimoy. “He was really worried. Look, everybody knows that we have become very, very good friends. But we’ve always been like two competitive siblings. But as for me directing him it worked out pretty well.”

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