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Abrams And Whedon At Comic-Con

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Fans of Star Trek XI‘s J.J. Abrams and Buffy The Vampire Slayer‘s Josh Whedon got to hear about the duo’s recent projects, and their thoughts on the current 3-D craze.

Although Abrams didn’t touch upon Star Trek XII, he did talk about Super 8 and the finale of Lost. Abrams explained that the inspiration for Super 8 came from working on restoring earlier works of Steven Spielberg, which led to Abrams calling Spielberg with a story pitch.

Super 8 will begin filming in September. “The movie is very much in the spirit of some of the Amblin films [Spielberg] made years ago” said Abrams.

Working with Spielberg means harking back to that past, according to Abrams. “It’s impossible to work with him and not constantly reference the work he’s done,” Abrams said.

Super 8 won’t be filmed in 3-D, but Abrams and Whedon have opinions on the trend towards making movies in 3-D. “Honestly, I totally love it,” said Whedon. Abrams wasn’t so keen on the current trend. “The thing that drives me crazy about 3-D is that when you put on the glasses, everything seems dim,” said Abrams. “I’m not totally on board yet.”

Whedon confirmed that he is officially directing The Avengers, based on a comic book. “It’s not an official thing, I think because Marvel couldn’t afford a press release,” said Whedon, “so can we make that an official thing? I’m directing The Avengers.”

In addition, Whedon admitted to being a fan of Star Trek XI.  “I’ve had actual moments of sheer f–ing panic because I loved Star Trek so much,” he explained. “I just keep watching it and going, ‘This is the gold standard for a team movie, for a summer movie, for any movie that has come out in the last several years.’ And it makes me throw up with fear, so I have to stop watching it.”

Finally, Abrams spoke about Lost and the finale for the popular show. “What Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse did was an amazing thing,” he said. “When we first started and Damon and I wrote this bible of what it would be, we were optimistic. A lot of things ended up in the series but most of them did not.  Carlton Cuse came onboard and they all started making it what it became. There were ideas we thought were cool but we knew we had to be flexible.  You could not anticipate Michael Emerson coming on board, which was supposed to be for a couple of episodes.  They had to be entirely flexible and listen to the show.  I personally believe that Damon and Carlton kicked ass and wrote an amazingly emotional episode for the finale.”

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