May 22 2024


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Star Trek fans are in for a treat with a new video by Doug Drexler showing fans never seen before images and interviews with familiar faces.

The first edition of “The Drex Files – A Video Addendum” features Andrew Probert and his Sphinx shuttle, starship construction sets, an encounter with BarBara Luna and animated ships from the Ships of the Line calendar.

The Sphinx shuttle was a shuttle designed for Star Trek: The Next Generation by Andrew Probert, but it was never built and used in a show because “there were no scripts written to accommodate a little service craft of that sort. But fans can see what it would have looked like in 3-D.

Next up in the video is a fascinating look into the world of a construction crew responsible for creating starships and interiors of starships from sketches and blueprints. Drexler remembered that there were days when he would leave at 2 A.M., the saying in the makeup department being “first to get there, last to leave,” but the construction crew would still be there. “[I’d] be blown away that the construction guys would still be at it full tilt” he said. “Later, when I made the jump from the makeup department to art department, I would learn who this amazing powerhouse of a gang was. Not only would I be privy to their world and particular brand of magic, but I would now be working with them hand in hand. I would not only be wowed by their incredible talent and skill, but by the unique characters and personalities that drove the Trek construction juggernaut.”

Mirror, Mirror fans remember the “Captain’s woman” from that episode, played by BarBara Luna. “When I was thirteen years old,” said Drexler, “four of the sexiest women on Earth were Raquel Welch, Brigitte Bardot, Ursula Andress, and BarBara Luna. When I saw Luna as the captain’s woman in the classic Trek episode Mirror, Mirror she was IT. She still has more of IT than any two women have a right to have of IT. How does she do it? ”

Drexler caught up with Luna recently and videotaped the results. According to Drexler, “She’s silly and zany and adorable. Scamp, vixen, brat, comedian, artist and legend.”

Finally, welcome to Ships of the Line: Active Duty! Drexler and Tobias Richter, Mark Rademaker, and Rob Wilde got together to animate ships from the Ships of the Line calendar. “Check your inertial dampers, fasten your seat belts, and be sure you’ve got your extra heavy reinforced Depends on because this is gold, Jerry!” said Drexler. “See the launch of the refit NX and Matt Jefferies‘ iconic ringship taking flight! “SOTL: Active Duty” is the kick in the PTC you have been yearning for!”

The video can be seen here.

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