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Greenwood – Return To Trek?

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Although character actor Bruce Greenwood (Captain Christopher Pike) has plenty of acting work, he would not be averse to returning to the Star Trek world.

Pike could return, according to Greenwood, and since Star Trek XII is in an alternate reality, anything can happen to the character, who is not bound by “canon Trek.” “Oh, I’ll be there in a second, in a hot second,” he said. “I know they’re writing the script and I encourage them whenever I see them to make Pike a critical element.”

Would Pike be in the wheelchair though? “I don’t know necessarily,” said Greenwood. “I think with the latitude of the parallel universe I might be able to get out of the chair, and I’m hoping the mentorship between myself and Kirk (Chris Pine) continues.”

Greenwood spoke about his experience in preparing for Star Trek XI. “I was woefully ignorant [about Star Trek],” he said. “I’d watched it as a kid, off and on, but mostly to see the hot girls in the tight outfits, and then I started doing my homework once I got the role. I became aware of Jeffrey Hunter in a more distinct way, and his contributions and the legion of fans he had from creating that role. I thought, ‘Oh, God, what now?’ because my Pike had been written as a very different character. The central dilemma for Jeffrey Hunter is not the central dilemma for my Pike. I was fortunate in that regard, that I wasn’t playing the same conflicts.”

The finished film was perfect and Greenwood gave J.J. Abrams the credit. “It wasn’t in 3-D, but the movie feels amazingly three-dimensional,” said Greenwood. “Visually, it’s spectacularly open, and the humor and tempo, I think, were perfect. I think that J.J. is a singularly talented guy. He managed to keep all these plates spinning and at the same time have this heartbeat of real people at the center of it.”

Greenwood also spoke with Hollywood.com where he revealed that although he knew very little about Star Trek XII, he did know when shooting on the film would begin. “I just know that the plan is to film in it January,” he said. “More than that, I don’t know.”

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