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Urban Made Willis Bleed

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Karl Urban, best-known to Star Trek fans as Doctor McCoy, was the one inflicting the injuries, not healing them, in RED.

In RED, Urban plays CIA agent William Cooper, who is hunting down Frank (Bruce Willis) to kill him. “I am an adversary for Frank,” said Urban. “But, you know, as far as having an evil intent, the character is devoid of that. He is just doing his job.”

Cooper is more than just an agent doing his job without giving a second thought to it. “…the more [Cooper] learns about Frank and his network,” said Urban, “the more he actually comes to understand the bigger picture of what is going on, which leads to sort of an interesting sequence.”

RED includes a fight scene between Urban and Willis, and in that fight, Urban accidentally hurt Willis. “I have a massive fight sequence with Bruce Willis,” said Urban. “One of my favorite bits in the thing is I take this coffee cup and hurl it as his face. And to his credit, he took it right smack on the head. It actually cut him and he started bleeding. I made him bleed. Bruce was fine. I think if he wasn’t such a major movie star, he’d make a phenomenal stuntman. He is one of the most coordinated actors I’ve ever worked with. His makeup artist wasn’t too happy about it.”

RED will open on October 15. According to Urban, the movie, based on a comic book, is more substantial and the screenwriters “have developed it and injected a great more characters and comedy.”

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