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Bakula: Enterprise Five Years On

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It has been five years since Star Trek: Enterprise ended and Scott Bakula shares his opinion on what was good and what went wrong. Plus: Will a Quantum Leap movie happen?

In spite of Star Trek: Enterprise ending too soon, plus the ending which was more of a Star Trek: The Next Generation show, Bakula looks back fondly on his time as Captain Archer. “Oh, it was a fantastic experience,” he said. “I had a ball. We had some fantastically talented people on all sides of the camera. We had great actors, tremendously creative effects people and set people and makeup people and… It was fantastic. You were working with some of the most talented people and ground-breakers in the industry, and I got to do it for four years.”

Like many others, including fans and actors alike, Bakula wasn’t keen on the ending. “I have to say that when I first read the script I was off-put by it,” he said. “I had a long talk with Rick (Berman) and Brannon (Braga) about it and they explained their idea and philosophy to me. I don’t know that I ever … Gosh, the end of anything is always hard to write. It was a little odd, but that was their call.”

What would Enterprise have been like, had it had the full seven year run? “Things were dictated by the times, by it being post-9/11, but I wanted us to hopefully get back to having a little bit more fun on the show and to get out of that whole Xindi thing,” said Bakula. “That would have been fun. I think we were pointing in that direction. I think the group was ready to go. The cast was ready to get there, and I think we could have had a blast. But we just didn’t get to go there.  And I wanted Archer to kind of grow up and lighten up a little bit.”

There are rumors that Bakula’s other well-known show, Quantum Leap, might be revived as a movie soon. According to Bakula, “I have spoken with Don [Bellisario] and he’s been approached by a producer to write a script and produce a Quantum Leap film. He’s intending to do that and has begun work on it. And my understanding is that Dean [Stockwell] and I may have a small cameo element to the movie. But it hasn’t been written yet. So we’ll see.”

If J.J. Abrams called Bakula and offered an Archer part in the next movie, would Bakula be interested? “Yes,” he said.

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