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Mulgrew Offers Brief Insight Into Janeway

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Among the dozen questions posed to Kate Mulgrew from her fans was one asking about playing Janeway again.

If Mulgrew could play Janeway again in an upcoming film, what would be the one thing that she would to convey in that movie that has happened to Janeway since Voyager made it home?

According to Mulgrew, “I think I would convey in the movie Janeway’s inherent inability to grapple with the world. Her world is space and she comes to know this in a startlingly profound way when she is forced to grapple with her existence on earth.”

Another question asked Mulgrew about  roles that stood out for her. Of all the roles that Mulgrew has played, which has she identified with, felt proudest of, liked, loved or hated the most? “Captain Janeway, of course on television,” said Mulgrew. “In theatre I’ve been so lucky… I loved Clytemnestra in Iphigenia [2.0], all my Shakespearean roles, Lillian Hellman. I’ve played them all and loved them all. But I think that I’m really building up an appetite for the Queen of the Nile….I hope you’ll all come and see me.”

When asked if she had a “bucket list” of things to do, Mulgrew included family and travel on the list of things that she would do, if circumstances permitted. “To spend a week with all three of my children in perfect harmony,” she said. “To spend two weeks with my grandchildren (if I get to have them!), one from each of my offspring and one sweeter than the next, during this week only pajamas will be worn and all food would be served on the floor. I would not see my children the entire week. Two major travel dreams: The first is an extensive African safari. At least a month. Rugged. Dangerous. Tanzania, the Ngorongoro Crater, finishing in Kenya. Second trip: Tibet. To really climb and reflect and live in silence with the Tibetan monks. This would be a long-term dream of perhaps six months to a year. I have always flirted with the notion of complete silence and I would like to know it before I die. I can think of no better place than Tibet to practice this discipline.”

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