April 18 2024


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Cho In New Funny Or Die Video

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John Cho can be seen in Funny or Die‘s G.A.Y.S. (Guys Against You Serving), a two-and-a-half minute long video.

In G.A.Y.S. (Guys Against You Serving), the topic is “don’t ask, don’t tell.” Cho appears with Dave Holmes, Sarah Silverman, Alex Fernie and Thomas Lennon to point out the absurdity of some of the reasons for some of the public’s support for the current “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy.

The characters in the Funny or Die video give their reasons why they feel that gays should not serve in the military. “When the shit hits the fan,” said Cho, “and the Taliban decides to nuke us, I don’t want to be down there in a foxhole and see that everyone is knocking down appletini’s and watching Sex and the City II. It wasn’t even as good as the first one!”

Other characters in the video give their reasons, which include not wanting tutus in the cockpit. At the end of the video, the characters say, “While none of us have actually served our country, we know exactly who we don’t want doing it for us. We are ‘Guys Against You Serving ‘ and we are proud.”

Statistics are then presented which show how many people have been discharged from the military because of their sexual orientation. Viewers are urged to make their opinions known to their lawmakers in hopes of repealing “don’t ask, don’t tell.”

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