May 22 2024


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Forbes Is So Over Trek

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Michelle Forbes, best-known to Star Trek: Next Generation fans as the Bajoran Ensign Ro, feels that the time for talking about her days on Star Trek is over.

It has been years since Forbes appeared in Trek, yet she is still asked about it. “When people ask me those questions, I just think, ‘Really guys?’ It’s 2010, two decades later. I’ve answered those upwards, downwards, forwards, sideways. The show went on, it was great. Everybody’s still breathing, everyone’s doing fine. Are we still asking those questions? For me, I only did nine episodes! I hardly remember anything.”

Her Star Trek character, Ensign Ro, was an appealing character, which may explain the continuing fascination with her Trek days, even after so long. “I think I just got really lucky with writers who create very fascinating characters,” she said. “I’m also usually playing roles that come in and out of shows. I’m a gypsy, I like to pop in and pop out. I’ve been very fortunate to hit these great shows.”

Now appearing in the Canadian Durham County, where she plays demented psychologist Dr. Penelope Verrity, Forbes would like fans to give that show a chance. “Durham County was a real game-changer in terms of Canadian television,” she said. “It swept the Geminis [Canadian TV/Movie awards] for its first season… And yet, no one in Canada (or the U.S. for that matter) really knows about the show. I was really quite shocked that people weren’t seeing it as a show with a profound Canadian voice.

“I mean, this is a show that wasn’t copied from an American show – so many Canadian shows are – which usually results in a watered-down version. That’s what I think is smart about Durham County. It’s not derivative of anything American. It’s more in the vein of the BBC miniseries I grew up with.”

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