June 15 2024


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Two Trek Actors In Big Bang Theory?

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Fans of The Big Bang Theory who also like Star Trek will have a double dose of enjoyment as George Takei is scheduled to appear on the show, and if all goes well, Wil Wheaton may return.

Takei will appear in an episode, in a cameo, playing himself, opposite guest star Katee Sackhoff.

According to executive producer Bill Prady, Takei and Sackhoff will play different sides of Wolowitz’s conscience. “George Takei plays himself,” said Prady, “and he’s the other person guiding Wolowitz [Simon Helberg] in his thoughts as he tries to figure out what to do about Bernadette.” Bernadette (Melissa Rauchberg) is Wolowitz’s ex-girlfriend and he is thinking about getting back together with her.

Prady spoke about his hopes for getting another Star Trek actor, The Next Generation‘s Wil Wheaton, back on the show. Wheaton appeared on the show twice in the third season, playing Sheldon’s (Jim Parsons) enemy. “We started talking about the idea of minor celebrities cutting in line,” said Prady. “And we thought it might be funny to have our guys waiting in line for a one-time-only midnight screening of something like Raiders Of The Lost Ark with restored footage, and Wil Wheaton and three of his friends cut the line.

“When it comes time for our guys to get in, the line stops – Wil took the last four seats and Sheldon is just furious. Because it doesn’t make sense to him. Wil’s celebrity is not applicable here. This is not Star Trek. It’s just wrong.”

This story would be based on a real life incident in Las Vegas. “We were mostly talking about our good friend Adam Savage from Mythbusters,” explained Prady. “He was apparently in Las Vegas, there was a Star Trek auction, and there was a preview and he got to cut the line.”

The fourth season of The Big Bang Theory begins on September 23.

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