April 24 2024


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Wheaton And Scalzi Launch Clash Of The Geeks

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A new e-book, Clash of the Geeks, including stories by Wil Wheaton and John Scalzi (Old Man’s War), is available for download with all donations going to a charitable cause.

Clash of the Geeks is the result of a writing contest, which received hundreds of submissions, both amateur and professional. “We were originally supposed to have just one winner,” said Scalzi, “but when it came down to it we couldn’t decide between the final two (by Bernadette Durbin and Scott Mattes). Then we realized we didn’t have to choose between them, and picked them both.”

The stories take on the “very serious clash” of an Orc-like Scalzi vs. Wil Wheaton. Wheaton sports a sweater with a clown on the front and rides a “unicorn pegasus kitten.” The e-book, published by Subterranean Press, can be downloaded for free here, but donations are welcomed and a donation button can be found on the right side of the webpage. All monies received will go to the Lupus Alliance of America.

Several hours after the e-book launch began, three thousand dollars has been raised. “We don’t have a particular sum in mind to raise, and speaking from experience of having done several charitable writing projects, results really are all over the board,” said Scalzi. “We’ll be happy with whatever we get. But off the top of my head I’ll say this: If we eventually raise $25,000, I’ll consider this a successful project. If we raise $50k, I’ll feel like King of the Internet.”

“Behold the cover it all its terrible glory,” said Wheaton in an entry in his blog today. “Cower, mortals, for it lives!”

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