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Catching Up With Cirroc Lofton

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Cirroc Lofton, who went from teenager to young adult during his years on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, has taken the same route taken by his fictional Deep Space Nine grandfather.

Deep Space Nine ended in 1999, and looking back, working on the show seems unreal to Lofton. “It feels like a dream now,” he said. “It was an amazing time. I loved the time that I spent with those people and my time with Avery (Brooks), and that still resonates to this day.”

Lofton will occasionally watch one of his favorite Deep Space Nine episodes. “I like to go revisit Far Beyond the Stars,” he said. “That one always brings back great memories. I like The Visitor. That’s another of my favorite episodes. It’s interesting when I do conventions, because I’m always reminded of things I forgot. The fans know, in some ways, more than I do about certain things that happened.”

Although it has been eleven years since the series ended, Lofton is still in touch with his Deep Space Nine father Avery Brooks. “Avery and I still have a strong connection,” said Lofton. “We’ve stayed in touch throughout the years and his son and I are really good friends.”

Like Joseph Sisko in Deep Space Nine, Lofton now owns a restaurant, Café Cirroc. “It was easy to come up with that name,” he said. “We’re in Culver City, near Playa Del Rey. It’s a growing, really sexy spot. We have gelato, which is Italian ice cream. We have sandwiches. We serve croissants and fresh coffee, espresso, cappuccinos. And right next door we have a really cute wine bar. So you can go in, have a nice glass of wine and enjoy some live music, karaoke. We do it all.”

Lofton isn’t just the owner of the restaurant; he was fully involved in its creation and now in running it. “I’m about as hands-on as you can possibly get,” he said. “I built this place kind of from the floor up. It was a place before, but we gutted it and re-did a lot of things and put our personal flair on it. Why a restaurant? I wanted to do something to show my creative side and bring something to the people that would let them experience some of what I’ve experienced in my travels around the world. We’ve got the kitchen here that we’d all like to have when we’re out dining.”

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