May 17 2024


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Pegg Talks Nerd Do Well And Trek Start Date

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Simon Pegg is making the rounds promoting his new autobiography and he explained why he began with his childhood memories.

Starting with his Los Angeles life would have been boring, according to Pegg. “I realized quite early on that the most interesting stuff happened before everything kicked off, because that’s the most relatable stuff to talk about,” he said.

“If I start talking about my adventures in L.A., it’s a bit ‘so what’? It’s like talking about a party that the reader didn’t go to. It’s kind of boring. I realized that the childhood stuff was a little bit more engaging, and a little bit more insightful.”

His autobiography is focused on the persona as opposed to just being a book of anecdotes about his work on movies. “These little moments have had a massive influence,” said Pegg. “And that’s interesting. People might want me to talk about Spaced and Shaun Of The Dead, but arguably, there are a few anecdotes I could tell that would be vaguely interesting, but they wouldn’t fill a book. Yet, everyone has moments in their childhood that stay with them, and influence their behavior. And that’s, for me, a more intriguing route to take.”

Pegg answered questions about things other than Nerd Do Well, and one of those questions was about when Star Trek XII would begin filming. “Star Trek is probably starting…I’m hearing rumors of summer next year for starting it,” he said. “but that’s all.”

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