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Star Trek Magazine #31

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Fans of Star Trek: Voyager‘s Roxann Dawson and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine‘s Chase Masterson will enjoy the latest issue of Star Trek Magazine.

In Star Trek Magazine #31, as well as interviews with Dawson and Masterson, there will be a “look at the Haynes Enterprise Manual” and an article on Star Trek‘s strong females, featuring Lieutenant Uhura.

Dawson spoke about her days on Star Trek: Voyager, including a discussion with Brannon Braga which led to the episode Extreme Risk. “The episode Extreme Risk actually came out of a conversation I had had with executive producer Brannon Braga,” said Dawson. “He was wondering where B’Elanna would go next, and I began talking about her life and that maybe she was at a point where the conflict between her Klingon and human sides was so great that she began taking risks to know what it was like to feel. B’Elanna wanted to pit one side against the other and see which would win as far as her fears and vulnerabilities went. It was a very private thing that wound up obsessing her.

“I love what they did with that script. It was an emotional and exciting episode to do because it was so psychologically risky. In fact, I’ve spoken with a number of people who have gone through moments like that. They’ve taken undue risks to test the boundaries of life for one reason or another, whether because of something that has happened in their own life, or even due to clinical depression. Sometimes people will do things just to reaffirm to themselves what it means to be alive. So I thought it was a risky as well as wonderful thing that the writers were willing to go there with B’Elanna and really show this sort of psychologically tormented side of her that was crying out for some help, and I was thrilled to perform that.”

In the article about Star Trek‘s strong women, authors Kevin Dilmore and Dayton Ward show how one character, Uhura, set the bar for those who would follow her. Fans of the original series were aware of Uhura’s resourcefulness, from language skills to the ability to repair the systems with which she worked, but a new generation of fans saw a younger Uhura in Star Trek XI, who showed that same skill and resourcefulness as a young Starfleet cadet.

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