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Ryan: Looking Forward

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Although Jeri Ryan enjoyed playing Seven of Nine, Endgame meant the end of thinking about the character as far as she was concerned.

Ryan is not the type of person to speculate on the future of characters once she is done portraying them. “That’s not the way my imagination works with the characters that I’ve played,” she said. “Seven is a character that I loved, but I don’t necessarily want to make it up in my head, what’s going on with her now. Endgame sort of ended it for me. That was the last chapter and the book closed for me at that point.”

But the book is not closed for Ryan when it comes to interacting with her co-workers from Voyager, or with Star Trek fans. “They’re a lot of fun,” she said about Star Trek conventions. “I loved the character and I’m very grateful to have done the show. And I especially love running into everybody from the show. I love catching up with Bob (Picardo) and Robbie (McNeill) and everyone. Garrett (Wang) came up on stage to surprise me last year in Vegas, and we were tweeting pictures of each other from the stage. Bob came out, too. I actually wasn’t able to do them for several years, for security reasons, and then Creation very, very nicely hired an amazing security company. They’ve been phenomenal and take really good care of me.”

In Body of Proof, which premiered last night, Ryan plays Dr. Kate Murphy. “The more I get to know Kate, the more cool I think she is,” said Ryan. “I’m really enjoying it. She’s a lot of fun. She’s obviously smart. She’s obviously a tough cookie. I think where she and Megan [Dana Delaney] sort of complement each other is that she gets where Megan is coming from, but they just come at it in different ways. Kate’s a little bit more by the book, by the rules, but obviously she’s had to ruffle some feathers to get where she is, too, because she’s the first female chief medical examiner in Philadelphia history. So she gets that aspect of Megan and has her back to that extent. She sort of overlooks a lot of Megan’s personality quirks and her clumsy social mores.”

Ryan will be seen in a future episode of Warehouse 13, where she will play “someone’s ex-wife.”

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