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Dawson: Satisfied with B’Elanna Torres

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It has been ten years since Star Trek: Voyager has been off the air and Roxann Dawson has moved on to other things, but she considers her Star Trek experience to have been one of the better things in her life.

“[Star Trek: Voyager] was a major highlight of my life,” said Dawson. “I went into Voyager and I’d just gotten married. I came out of Voyager and I had two kids and I’d started directing. It was a great experience doing it and a great transitional experience, too. I loved it. I look back on it with great fondness.”

Dawson’s character B’Elanna was developed enough to satisfy the actress. “I thought that they never forgot about B’Elanna,” said Dawson. “If you look at her, from her first episode through all her transitions, internally, as a couple with Tom, as a member of the crew, it was great. She grew, she changed. She wasn’t perfect. She failed and recovered. I never felt like they left her on the sidelines. I think she continued to change and grow through all seven seasons.”

But if Dawson had had her way, she would have liked to have seen a few follow-up stories about B’Elanna and Tom Paris. “I’m sure I could come up with several things if I were to think about it more,” said Dawson, “but just talking now, what would B’Elanna and Tom have been like with a three-year-old? What would they have been like back on Earth and not in the confined environment of Voyager? Those would have been interesting things to explore, but the series ended before we could get to any of that. I’d like to think she’s still loving Tom and still battling it out with him, and trying to make the relationship and their family work.”

After Voyager, Dawson went on to direct ten episodes of Star Trek: Enterprise, and she had a favorite episode out of those ten. “You know, I think it’d be The Andorian Incident,” she said. “That was my first episode and it’s my favorite, I think. I think we were just starting to define that world and it was so much fun to be at the inception and to really explore what the series was going to be like and look like. That one stands out in my head. But I enjoyed my time there with all of those episodes. They were a lot of fun.”

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