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Keating: Enterprise Finale OK By Me

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Unlike many fans and some of the actors associated with Star Trek: Enterprise, Dominic Keating liked the finale for the show.

And playing Reed was very satisfying for Keating. “…I was very happy with the workload I was given and the story arcs I had and the general fleshing-out of Malcolm,” he said. “I got just of the heavy work days to make me feel like I was earning a crust.”

There were times when Keating wished for more lines for his character though. “There were some stints in there somewhere where it was like, ‘Come on, give me something to do other than this slightly perfunctory stuff,” he said. “But all in all, I got thrown a nice couple of bones every year and I got some great B-stories. And I inadvertently and unwittingly became the action man on the show, I guess, running in to save Trip’s and the captain’s screw-ups.”

Part of the appeal of the Star Trek: Enterprise finale for Keating was getting to work with Marina Sirtis and Jonathan Frakes. “I loved it,” he said. “I’ve said this at the conventions many times, but I had no issue with it. It was such a treat to work with Marina , who’d become a chum over the years on the convention circuit. They were shooting Nemesis next door to us during our first season. And I loved Jonathan.”

Keating didn’t mind having the entire Star Trek televised series, not just Star Trek: Enterprise, wrapped up in the finale, although he felt the story used to bring in Sirtis and Frakes could have been better. “I thought that device they used in order to include them was a bit clunky,” he said. “The reason was a bit spurious, them wanting to go back into the archives to check… What was it? I can’t even remember. But once you’ve gotten past that, it was fine. And fair dues to (executive producers) Brannon (Braga) and Rick (Berman), they were winding up seventeen years of their take on the series. It was just our four years. They’d done a lot more stuff prior to us. So I thought it was fair enough. I didn’t have any sort of issues with it at all. I enjoyed working with Marina and Jonathan, and there’s some idea of a heritage there, of start to finish.”

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