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Trek Sequel Writers Give Progress Update

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According to, fans attending the L.A. Times Hero Complex Film Fest received an update on Star Trek 2 courtesy of Roberto Orci, Alex Kurtzman and Damon Lindelof.

The trio updated the audience on the progress of the sequel. “As of right now, there is kind of a seventy-five or eighty page half script, half…I don’t know what it is,” said Lindelof.

“It is in a state of quantum flux,” said Orci.

The writers spoke about where the characters have gone and where the writers want them to go next. “The first one was about, ‘Spock is pretty emotional,'” explained Orci. “Well, he is younger And ‘Kirk, he is not a bookworm with legs who really understands the chain of command.’ Well he is not quite there yet. So you can get closer to what you know. It is all about earning what you know and learning that when we see them now they have been through a couple of adventures, but they don’t know each other either. There is still discovery, but there is also more familiarity. So, like the first one, it will feel like Trek, but it will also chart new ground.”

Star Trek 2 will also refer back to the destruction of Vulcan, and its impact of the Trek-verse. “We often referred to the destruction of Vulcan as the 9/11 moment of [Star Trek 2009],” said Lindelof. “There had to be an event that was so significant that it allows you to change the Trek universe, not just for the purposes of the first movie, but moving forward. The idea of saying, if you did something that huge, what would be the effect of that rippling outwards?”

The team admitted that there was a great deal of debate over destroying Vulcan, and it was not just done to show that “it’s our Star Trek now.”

Other topics of the discussion included blazing their own trail, researching old episodes for new ideas, time travel and villains.

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