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Abrams: Star Trek On TV?

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Even though J.J. Abrams is busy, with three shows to be in production by 2012, he is thinking about the future, which includes Star Trek.

Abrams recently discussed the possibility of seeing Star Trek on television after the current movies are completed.

“I don’t know,” he said. “It’s never really come up, frankly, but depending on what that would sort of be and how it would be done I’d be open to the idea of it. Right now we’re just sort of focusing on making a movie that’s worth people’s time.”

And what about a television series based on Abrams Star Trek farther down the road? “I think that people could probably come up with better ideas for movies than rehashing my old TV shows,” he said.

Abrams was more enthusiastic about Star Trek 2. “I’m excited,” he said. “We’re working hard. We’re very close and I hope to have something to talk about concretely soon. I do feel like if Trek happens as we hope that it will, it will be a fun return to that group of people, because it’s an amazing group.”

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21 thoughts on “Abrams: Star Trek On TV?

  1. “I think that people could probably come up with better ideas for movies than rehashing my old TV shows.” That answer makes no sense. Try again, JJ.

  2. It makes sense in the actual article (link at the bottom), just not in the summary here. Abrams’ answer is paired with the wrong question – the question in the article is asking about the possibility of making movies from Abrams’ old TV shows.

  3. i think its a great idea look how well the books went when they came out and also there are millions of trek fans who would like to see where this alternate time line goes if nothing else have the tng crew warp in from the future and destroy neros ship before it took out the kelvin

  4. Use some of the screen play that William Shatner wrote for a movie based on his book Star Trek The Return.

  5. I caught “I do feel like if Trek happens as we hope that it will”. You know, as opposed to it happening a different way than they hope.

  6. Star Trek needs to be on television so it can explore ideas that are not “end of the universe” movie concepts–like Roddenbery did so well on a week to week basis. However, we should return to the 24th century to keep the franchise looking forward. There are so many great authors and thinkers out there who can contribute to this. Actually, the world needs Trek to paint a progressive, non-capitalistic, inclusive possibility for the future.

  7. Stop giving interviews and get the screenplay done. I think they’re still messing around with concepts. Somebody find Nicholas Meyer!

  8. Really! This movie should have come out already if it was the big hit the studio kept saying it was.The whole point of the reboot was to create a new audience and now we wont be getting a new movie till four years later?By the time it comes out those new viewers wont be interested anymore.This movie has been delayed by abrams working on that piece of garbage super 8! Youve gotta be kiddin me!

  9. Yes, where is Nicholas. He can crank out a screen play in a few months and it would be great. I think J. J. may have some confidence issues when it comes to trek. Not Nicholas, he has all the confidence in the world and jumps right in. Just one thing. PLEASE do not allow James Cawley to be in it, talk about someone who has a big head and can’t act.

  10. Or a Federation based on the U.S Constitution & Capitalism. That’d be interesting…

  11. I would like to see a new Trek Series set 10 years after The Dominion Wars. Did the Klingons leave the worlds they Liberated from the Dominion. Is the Federation Stronger or Weaker. I think alot of people would like to see that.

  12. I agree. I was disappointed that they decided to go with a prequel then let us know what happened after the war. You can’t be left hanging like that. So many questions left unanswered, especially after Voyager. Though if they allowed novels or something to count as cannon, as they do with TV, then maybe we wouldn’t feel left hanging.

  13. While the last Trek movie may have been the best Star Wars movie since “The Empire Strikes Back”, Star TREK works better on TV.

  14. As much as I know communism will never work, and US Constitution and capitalism is the best working government in world history that would kind of mess up the narrative of star trek. What can be done is sticking in moral messages on the fallacy of communism.

  15. I agree S.T.belongs on television.A television budget might convince a good director that he or she can make a good Star Trek episode without having explosions & space battles as the be all/end all of their offering.Also,does anybody remember Columbo & McMillan & wife?Why couldn’t brought back in small 2 hour segments like that?It would give a little more room for plot development & could stretch the budget better.Here’s hoping.

  16. Abrams, keep up the good work. Star trek as u well know is one of the most prophetic tv series of all time technologically speaking. In so many ways did it also mold the minds off everyone who has spent time watching its many outlets over the years. Thanks to everyone else who helps keep Gene’s dream of a brighter tommorrow alive.

    Tombuck from Arkansas

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