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Saldana’s Wishes For Star Trek 2

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Zoë Saldana has a few things that she would like to see in Star Trek 2.

If Saldana had her way, fans would see more of the Spock-Uhura romance. “For some reason, I’m not like a mushy person, but I kind of want Spock and Uhura to get it on,” she said. “Not in that sense, but you really want to see more of that love affair.”

Another thing Saldana would enjoy is seeing a bit more of Captain Kirk. “Captain Kirk should definitely take off his shirt,” she said. “Along with Sulu.”

And what about her own character? “And I think Uhura should kick some ass,” said Saldana.

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5 thoughts on “Saldana’s Wishes For Star Trek 2

  1. Oh boy… She must be confusing “Beach Party 2 – pre-teens in love” with Star Trek 2… Or perhaps she wishes ST12 to bear the title “the Pon Farr incident”… — The crew encounters a mysterious virus that transforms all girls into female Orions and causes a surge of testosterone in males, just when Spock feels the beginning of Pon Farr… Only Uhura seems unaffected and McCoy tries to find in her a cure, but he must also evade Spock’s jealous fury… Can the impaired crew of the Enterprise prevent Earth to be infected by the strange virus? ** sigh ** Fortunately Saldana is an actress, not a writer… Sulu and Kirk should get their shirt off????????… How creative… I really wish I don’t have get a lobotomy + an IQ reduction to watch ST12…

  2. Amok time: good question. Answer: they did not care a fig about such niceties in the last film. Amok time for Spock (at least that classic episode of ST TOS) cannot take place, clearly. With no Vulcan, the entire canon was violated, trashed. So 1/4 of all the Star Trek TOS episodes were invalidated. Sorry, but that is the beef I have with the last ST film…..

  3. There is seriously something wrong with you. The administrator should delete such a foul comment. If such simple words and fictional storylines disturb you this much…you need to step away for a while–or at least seek help. This is beyond passionate.

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