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Cho: Sulu In Star Trek 2

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John Cho was satisfied with his work in Star Trek XI, and the actor who played Sulu has an opinion on what he’d like to see for the character in the next Star Trek movie.

There was plenty for Cho to do in Star Trek XI, which was gratifying, as he didn’t expect a big role in the movie. “I was happy,” he said. “When I took the role, I hadn’t read the script, even. I just knew that I wanted to be a part of it. I wasn’t sure how it’d juggle out. There were just a lot of characters to get to, it was a big story to tell, and I wasn’t expecting a huge arc.”

What Cho got was a fun fight scene. “But that scene, the fight, was spectacular,” he said. “It was something I hadn’t done before. It was new territory for me. So I was very happy with what I had, to answer your question.”

Cho was impressed when he first saw Star Trek XI. “But I can only tell you what my reaction was,” he said. “I was just screaming the first time we screened the movie. It was on the Paramount lot. The main cast was there and everyone was going nuts, as I was. I kind of forgot that I was in the movie. A lot of actors watch movies, watch themselves, in a very critical way and they start nitpicking. The movie was so exciting that I actually forgot to beat myself up. And I thought the guy playing Sulu was OK.”

What does Cho want for Sulu in the next movie? “Sulu’s battle was external in the first one,” said Cho, “and I think it’d be interesting to see him have an internal battle of some sort. That would be fun for me, for him to struggle with a decision.”

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