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Shatner – On The Record

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Recently William Shatner appeared on the On The Record with Greta Van Sustern show to promote about his new book, Shatner Rules.

Shatner preferred to speak about his philosophy in acting (and life) rather than to dwell upon old grudges between some of the actors dating back to his filming days on the original series.

When asked why he wrote Shatner Rules, Shatner said, “I’m of the age that anything you might do is the last thing you do and I thought, ‘I need to write another book, some adventures in my life have taken place; I had something to say and I’d been writing books before, so it seemed like a good idea at the time.”

Van Sustern told Shatner that the part about his colleagues at Star Trek in Shatner Rules was “a little bit raw.” Shatner was unfazed by that accusation, saying that his discussion about his Star Trek co-stars was a “minor part of the book,” and said that his comments in the book were “tongue in cheek.”

Shatner Rules is meant to be an “amusing, entertaining read,” said Shatner, “in which I suggest saying yes to opportunity is saying yes to life.”

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5 thoughts on “Shatner – On The Record

  1. Good interview. Greta Van Sustern seemed to me to be a bit confrontational but Bill Shatner handled himself quite well. I’ve always been a fan of his. With the advances in modern medicine, he may be surprised to find that he could have 20 or more years still ahead of him. I wish him well.

  2. Both had quite a bit to bring to the table here. I agree w/ Mr. Shatner’s point-of-view about life. Living in the moment & putting one foot ahead of the other is all we can do. There’s so much out of our ability to control. All we can do is to take life one moment at a time. Life is quite the tapestry & getting out of our comfort zone will almost always bring blessings we can’t imagine while going through the moment of uncertainty. Great faith builder.

  3. Very nice interview!!! But… The Shat feels the end is Near!!!! I’ve come to respect that wen it cames from a man his age… Maybe we’re up for a grand loss… Hope not. All my best for you Mr Shatner!!!!

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