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Star Trek 2?

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Star Trek 2 will begin filming soon, but expect a change in the name at some point.

In lieu of an official title, the sequel to 2009’s Star Trek has been called Star Trek 2 by many, but according to an unnamed source, the movie won’t keep that title.

“[Star Trek 2] will begin shooting in mid-January,” said Access Hollywood, quoting an anonymous source. “[it] won’t be called Star Trek 2.”

Other actors slated to appear in the sequel have also mentioned January as a start date. Zoë Saldana was the most recent to speak about the movie, saying “We still haven’t gotten a script yet.”

Saldana wants to know where the Spock-Uhura romance will go in the next movie. “I’m really curious,” she said, “and I’m pretty sure that Zach [Quinto] is as well.”

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15 thoughts on “Star Trek 2?

  1. Spock leaves Uhura for Uranus and Klingons. Quinto the consumate method actor.

  2. Look, if you don’t agree with homosexuality, or are grossed out by it, or just didn’t care or want to know who Quinto sleeps with, that’s fine. But to keep mentioning it ad nauseum suggests that you have some issues yourself. He screws guys. Yeah, we got that. Either be disgusted enough to leave Trek behind, or accept it, shut up, and move on. Your attempts at humor amuse no one.

    And it’s hardly surprising they won’t release it as Star Trek 2… who would want to directly compete with Khan?

  3. …I was amused. Lighten up, Mike. And how making a funny quip “mentioning…ad nauseum”? It may be you who has “some issues”.

  4. …I was amused. Lighten up, Mike. And how is making a funny & clever quip “mentioning ‘something’ ad nauseum”? It may be you who has “some issues”.

  5. How about Quinto highjacking the Spock character and using that platform to push his coming out agenda. If you don’t think that is true, look at all the press coverage, title “Spock is gay”. I guess I am not politically correct enough to appreciate magnitude of this important event. I will light a candle and fire Brokeback Mountain and Milk the boys, while secretly appreciating Nimoy’s integrity.

  6. Gee, that’s funny. When Quinto says something about it, it’s as Zach Quinto, not as Spock. It’s the press, and assbags such as yourself, who are tooting the “Spock’s a ding-dong-dang queer!” horn.
    Please work out your own sexuality issues somewhere else.

  7. It’s ad nauseum because this jerk has posted similar stupid comments on multiple articles. And we’re all glad you were amused. Simple minds, simple pleasures.

  8. Not to mention that he didn’t hijack anything. He’s an actor. You know, someone who pretends to be someone and something they aren’t? He is an actor who was hired to play a role. Period. Spock isn’t gay any more than Sulu ever was. A character is not the actor that plays him. I’m sorry if that’s like telling you Santa doesn’t exist, but it’s time you knew the truth, chum.

    And this is coming from someone who others might think is hypocritical on this subject. Just look at the comments from the article about Bana a few days ago. The poster got a key point wrong as it relates to Trek, and I retorted about the site being too consumed with Quinto and not enough about Trek… and if you wanted to comment about the media or this site’s handling of Quinto’s coming out, that wouldn’t have raised a problem. But that’s not remotely what you’ve done. Instead of placing the blame squarely on the media where appropriate, you suggest that Quinto hijacked a role with the intent of using it for some gay agenda. And that’s just stupid. Was it ridiculous for him to say he wants privacy moments after telling us who he sleeps with? Sure. But that doesn’t seem to be your problem. Your problem seems to be that you cannot separate fact from fiction, reality from fantasy. Star Trek is science fiction… a fantasy… Spock doesn’t exist. Spock isn’t gay or straight, he’s fictional… and here’s a clue, Zachary Quinto doesn’t have green blood, nor pointed ears… and here’s an even bigger shocker for you: Neither does Leonard Nimoy.

    So, instead of saying stupid things, how about we move along with our lives. I didn’t care who Quinto sleeps with. I didn’t care to know he was gay. I don’t need to fixate on it… why do you folks? If you’re so disgusted by it that you can’t put it out of your mind and his presence in anything ruins it, leave… Quinto was Spock… Quinto is gay. If you can’t wrap your mind around those two things and still love Star Trek, what are you doing here? Just being a troll?

  9. —-Saldana wants to know where the Spock-Uhura romance will go in the next movie. “I’m really curious,” she said, “and I’m pretty sure that Zach [Quinto] is as well.”—-

    Nah, Quinto isn’t curious. He’s just gay.

  10. Andy Dick lives up to his name.
    He’s also gay, by the way. Sooooo… you’re into gay comedians now?

  11. Oh. So gay people aren’t interested in romance? Or character development, particularly when it is a new direction for both of the characters involved?
    Yes, Zach Quinto is curious about how his character’s romance with another character will go. He’s an actor, and a good one.

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