June 13 2024


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Sussman To Pen New Drama

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Star Trek Writer/Producer Mike Sussman will be part of a new project, a drama recently sold to ABC by Ellen Pompeo‘s Calamity Jane.

The unnamed project is based on an article written by Laura Blumenfeld for ELLE magazine, which was about the female agents on the Secretary of State’s security detail.

The new drama will “revolve around Diplomatic Security special agents who travel the world protecting American officials on diplomatic missions and will explore the personal and professional challenges these young women and men face while taking on one of the most dangerous jobs in the country.”

Sussman will executive produce as well as write for the project.

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2 thoughts on “Sussman To Pen New Drama

  1. Do you remember let that be our last Battlefield
    skin color or black-and-white one on the left one on the right or vice versa
    when the city was destroyed on planet cheron,,they were also fighting on the enterprise,,,
    this is my character from the same planet cheron

    hair color pink and black,, skin color pink and black

    she also went to Starfleet Academy
    will she was there she took a lot of courses over a period of time;;;
    science officer,,,
    medical chief officer,,,
    chief engineer,,,
    communication Office,,,
    weapons officer
    chief of security,,,
    first officer,,
    second officer,,,
    second in command,,,
    offices specialist,,,
    operation officer,,,
    owner and operator of her own bar,,,
    operation communication officer,,,
    ship’s cook,,,
    medical technician,,,
    chief medical officer,,,
    engineer specialist,,,,

    she passed all her courses with the highest of honors

    she came from the mountain side of cheron where she was born as the baby,,,
    well they were fighting on the enterprise,,, and in the city as well,,,
    well she was growing up,,, she led a very rough life,,,
    she wanted to take revenge over at Capt. James T. Kirk,,,
    she’s very angry with him,,, she doesn’t want to beleave in history books,,,, she thinks there is a flaw in the history book,,,

    she is wearing earrings & necklace which helps her control her power,,, which matches their DNA,,, which he invented herself,,,
    which is extremely rare material,,,

    on shy runs she was also a mountainteer
    she also watch over the animals when she was younger,,,

    extremely bright challenging smart and brilliant,,,,

    her name is,,,, Shirley Master Liberty,,,,

    what do you think about the character I would like to know,,,

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