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Chambliss On Trek 2 Production

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Star Trek 2 Production Designer Scott Chambliss updated TrekWeb on Star Trek 2‘s pre-production.

Chambliss gave a progress report and explained what fans could expect when it comes to production design.

“Pre-production is in an exciting phase right now, as the story and the sequences are coming into focus and the settings are gaining depth, character, and scale,” Chambliss said.

As for what fans can expect when it comes to production design, Chambliss is going for more than general satisfaction. “If you mildly please everyone across the board with everything, I think that means that the work was pitched to a rather low median denominator,” he said. “The crushing blow would be a general ‘Eh, it was okay, but not nearly as good as the first one” response from the viewers.”

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10 thoughts on “Chambliss On Trek 2 Production

  1. Make the Enterprise look more like the TOS one and you’ll get a lot happier fans. There are a TON of slightly updated tech examples online that more closely look like the TOS ship and have enough detail for a big screen feature. The ship in the 2009 was the one thing that detracted from the show to me. Including the brewery engine room and the overbright bridge set that didn’t even resemble the TOS bridge at all. Why not modernize the TOS style enough to convey more realism but stick to the coloration and overall ‘feel’ of it? You can make the screens look more ‘alive’ with detail, but keep the overall look consistent with Star Trek that it was supposed to represent, not some completely different ship that is Enterprise in name only.

  2. I didn’t like the design of the Enterprise in the 2009 movie. I can appreciate updating some of the features, but I think they got it wrong. Also, some of the inner workings of the ships itself didn’t work the way it should have. I think a cross between the original and the Enterprise A would’ve done nicely, since the A was sleaker but not too flashy.

    Blow it up in 2012 and remake it! And do it right!

  3. I dont think they should change anything aout the new enterprise. I loved the 2009 version. Great Job Chambliss.

  4. It wasn’t supposed to look like the TOS because it was an alternate timeline.

    As soon as Nero came through, everything changed.

  5. I know it is an alternate timeline, but it is way too different despite that. It’s like saying that altering history in the old west would suddenly advance them to the tech of World War II. Despite that, aesthetically, the new Enterprise is mal-proportioned. The nacelles either look like Turkey legs or Jar-Jar Binks’ eyes, depending on the angle you look at them. While the rendering quality of the ship looked good, the design is ugly. It doesn’t mean I didn’t like the movie, I just didn’t like the ship. It has a lot of bad angles and reminds me of bad comic book artwork by people who didn’t know how to draw the Enterprise. Sorry, the TOS Enterprise is way better proportioned, and it IS the Enterprise and always will be.

  6. Soooooooo…. why did all the other Federation ships look like the same tech the Kelvin was using… 25 years previously?
    And please don’t give me that “advanced prototype” crap. Massive, multigenerational changes in technology just don’t happen that way, particularly in a military or paramilitary organization.

  7. Original TOS fan here dating back to the 60s. TOS was great but it was time for reimagining and refreshing. Personally I think the new Enterprise and other federation ships look great and take the entire genre in an interesting new direction. Change is good. Plenty of the original concept is still there for the next generation to get what we had with the TOS of the past.

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