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Hartley: Schtupping Spock

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Mariette Hartley‘s role as Zarabeth in the original series episode All Our Yesterdays is still a fan favorite, and the actress remembers her guest appearance very well, even forty-odd-years later.

But Hartley is surprised that she’s not the only one who remembers the role after so many years. “[People are] still fascinated by [Zarabeth],” she said, after attending last summer’s Creation Entertainment Official Star Trek Convention. “I’m just so stunned. I go there and it’s like going to a foreign country, with so many people in different costumes, dressed as different characters. I’ve met a few Borg, actually. It’s so bizarre and wonderful, and I kept thinking, ‘Are they going to have things like this for Grey’s Anatomy in 20 years?’ This has such a very special heat, still, to it.”

Speaking of heat, what about that heat between Zarabeth and Spock? “But when you kiss Spock, I mean, come on!” said Hartley. “I remember De Kelley. I remember the whole thing vividly. I remember taking off that huge coat, the fur coat, and people going, ‘Oh, wow.’ I had no idea that I had a figure. I come from Connecticut. I had no idea what sexuality was. I was doing Shakespeare.”

Part of what attracted Hartley to the role was what happened between Zarabeth and Spock. “When I did my episode, I just loved the script,” she said, “loved the idea that this strange man (Spock) was finally going to be schtupped and I was going to be the one to do it, and that I was going to be the one to teach him how to not be a vegetarian. So I loved the idea.”

Hartley is still acting and has been a recurring character on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. She also will be performing on the stage in January, at the Cleveland Play House where she will play the mother of Alfred Lunt in a comedy titled Ten Chimneys.

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  1. Spock thought the “Prospect” was more promising than to Prosper.

    Zarabeth or Mariette rules, enough to make the logical go nuts.

  2. JJ Abrams should adapt the book Spocks Son that continues this great episode. I bet Nimoy and Hartley would make an appearance. It could be as big and popular as Wrath of Khan.

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