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Star Trek 2 Villain Rumor

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With filming to begin next month on the newest Star Trek movie, rumor has it that a familiar race will be back and that they will be dogged by another familiar race.

Part of the fun of waiting for the new Star Trek movie is reading what emerges in the way of information and rumors, and once the movie is released, seeing if any of the rumors were true. Spoilers are past the cut.

ThinkMcFlyThink has claimed that sources are saying that the Klingons will “play a prominent role” in Star Trek 2, and they are a “nomadic sect of warrior aliens causing trouble for the Federation.”

That is something that could easily happen, but the next bit is the most intriguing. According to those same sources, the home planet of those warrior- alien Klingons has been overrun by Tribbles, said to be “furry” and “carnivorous.”

This would be interesting if the rumor was true. Tribbles were prominent in several Star Trek episodes including: the original series episode The Trouble With Tribbles, The Animated Series’ More Tribbles, More Trouble, and Deep Space Nine’s Trials and Tribble-ations. And who knows? Could Cyrano Jones be far behind?

One other piece of information offered concerned Khan Noonien Singh. Rumor has it that he will *not* be in Star Trek 2.

Remember, this is only rumor and may not be accurate.

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9 thoughts on “Star Trek 2 Villain Rumor

  1. Good god we waited 3 years for THIS?! Suddenly Cowboys and Aliens sounds like The English Patient.

  2. I guess it must be me but what is the point in sharing “rumors”? What not just wait until something concrete is released?

  3. a tribble made an appearance with Scotty in the 2009 moviie on that ice planet he was on it appeared.

  4. I like how the word not is shown like this, *not*. Wonder what they know that we don’t? Del Toro would make a great Kahn for our generation. Remember when they said no one could top Jack Nicholson’s Joker?

  5. Nomads in space… Wow, yes, they build their spaceships using space dust and spit since they don’t need an industrial base, nor do they need fuel… Pfffff… I don’t care how they can justify this, it’s absurd and senseless… Carnivorous tribbles? I don’t care that this is an alternate universe, if eveything is upside down, it’s not Star Trek any longer…

  6. Paramount could always ask Bonnie Malmat to be the next Star Trek villain. Lord knows she is an evil and rotten old hag on the TREK BBS. A female villain would be an interesting way to go.

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