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No Del Toro For Star Trek 2

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In spite of the hopes of J.J. Abrams, Benecio Del Toro will not be beaming aboard Star Trek 2.

Evidently, money issues scuttled the deal, so del Toro is out and Abrams will have to find another actor to play the villain, who is said to be… well, look behind the cut, so that those who don’t wish to be spoiled, won’t be.

According to Vulture, a “highly placed source” claims that Khan is going to be the villain of Star Trek 2. Last week, Latino Review said the same thing, which Abrams denied.

Time will tell, of course. Wise readers will treat the unconfirmed information as rumor until said rumor is proven to be fact.

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14 thoughts on “No Del Toro For Star Trek 2

  1. How sad, boring and totally appalling… A universe so rich and all they can come up with is Khan??!! The new Trek universe is supposed to be a parallel universe that came to be when the Kelvin met Nero’s ship. According to the logic the movie itself proposed, the timeline was modified at this point in time. Since Khan is supposed to have dominated part of Earth in the 1990s, this timeline should be untouched (and it’s already false so I suppose they’ll change it again somehow, not observing their own established logic… **sigh**)… Is it that the only way the powers that be at Paramount feel they can keep the old fans attracted to Star Trek is to remix old TOS episodes? Well, I’m one of them and I don’t want that… I’d rather imagine Kirk going against Cardassians which would open up all sorts of possibilities. I would also remind the producers and writers that the Federation is no longer the great power is once was. Vulcan was one of the 4 founding members of the Federation and it’s no longer there… I would expect the Klingons, the Romulans – or the Cardassians? – to react to this dramatic shift in power…

  2. I don’t say this lightly. If it’s Khan, I’m done with JJ Abrams. It’s a lazy, stupid, obvious choice, and would have to be painfully shoehorned in to the new continuity as a piece of blatant fanwank.
    What made TWoK work was the history between Kirk and Khan. Kirk Jr. here has no history at all, with anyone. this history was tied in to the film’s major theme, which is coming to terms with aging and learning to live again. This just can’t work with a captain in his early twenties.
    Shoehorning Khan into Star Trek TWELVE would hurt the character, and the franchise. It reduces Khan from a great nemesis to another stock baddie, an ethnic villain of the week. If they insist on sinking as low or lower than the worst of Enterprise, then I’m done with Trek.

  3. 1st of all bringing in the Khan character would make sense if it is done as a fresh take. In the original he was introduced and then stranded not to be seen again until years later. If they remix some story elements including Khan’s intro it could work. The trick is to vere away from the TOS Kahn intro story enough to keep it fresh. I would much rather see Mudd (not played by Jack Black) minus the tribbles along with some elements of the doomsday device story line and Commodore Decker. Drawing from the original stories is ok if they take a new approach to them and the characters.

  4. Well how about not even considering original stories and just starting from scratch with something entirely original?

  5. No Kahn Please. Leave Ricardo Montalban performance alone. Do something original. That’s harder and has to be more fulfilling for fans.

  6. Khan? Really? That’s the best they can do? That’s it? I thought these guys were creative writers. My bad.

  7. I note how you take the rumor that they are using Khan as truth, rather than Abrams’ statement that he isn’t.

  8. The problem with Trek is that much of the creativity in all the series episodes often cannot translate to the big screen because with many episodes you have an opportunity to give writers to take chances and explore minute interesting issues imposed on one or two characters. you can’t take that to the big screen. It has to have all the splash and composite of all the great ideas from various contributors. I think it makes sense to pick Khan because it is a tried and true formula like the Joker or Catwoman in the Batman series. How much uproar is there for the Joker getting repeat appearances? none.

    Khan really became famous in Star Trek II but Montalban’s take wasn’t any better than his original version. I thought his original version was more cold and more believable, younger, bolder, more colorful so to speak (not to quote Kirk). This side of Khan isn’t as well known despite that it played out well on a shoestring budget. My take against all the naysayers, is that it might work out really well if they get the right actor and have a good fresh storyline. For the parts that are the same, build it up, do it better with astounding special effects. the formula of little bit of the old and much of the new, is an effective formula for a blockbuster.

  9. I loved Ricardo. he was a good actor but not a great actor and I don’t know he was made to play the role of Khan. He was type cast as the Latin lover in the 60s and 70s before making it as Mr. Roarke. The other thing was that Ricardo wasn’t physically that large and in Trek II, he was not allowed to do much physicality work because of his then condition with this legs. Despite this Trek II really worked well and they pulled it off so to speak. Part of the reason why this worked before in the 60s version is that the original actors were not that big. Shatner really was not that tall, not much more as shown when standing next to Peter Falk in those excellent Columbo movies. So Montalban could get away with playing a baddie with his apparent lack of girth when next to Shatner.

    A new physical actor and good actor could monumentally cattleput this character on the big screen. A movie can explore more of Khan’s mean cold hearted narcissistic behavior which can score dividend with a good script/

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