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To Khan Or Not To Khan

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According to two people associated with Star Trek 2, Khan will probably not be making an appearance.

Simon Pegg and Bryan Burk recently nixed Star Trek 2 Khan rumors, or did they?

Will he, or won’t he, is the question being asked by Star Trek fans, who are wondering if Star Trek 2 will see the return of Khan Noonien Singh.

Pegg hasn’t seen the script, but neither has he heard anything about Khan either. “I haven’t heard the name Khan come up,” he said. “Not to say it won’t come up, but I have heard no mention of him whatsoever. He is a great villain. I don’t want to say too much and then have to eat my words as I often do, but we’ve seen Khan. To see him again, how much value is there in that? I don’t know.”

Burk, when asked about Khan in Star Trek 2, said “There are amazing villains all throughout the Star Trek universe as well as new villains,” he said. “As we did in the last film, there’s a lot of directions you can go with the film. In this case, we chose to do something we thought would be original and unique and different, and I think on paper, we made the right choice. Now we have to go shoot.”

One thing Star Trek 2 will see is a quick start compared to Star Trek XI, where characters needed to be established first. “Unlike the last film, where we were restarting and setting up the characters … we’re going to jump right back in, and we don’t have to set up everybody and we can go right in it,” said Burk. “We’re kind of in a mad dash at the beginning of the film. In all of our conversation, we reference a lot of our favorite films and how Empire Strikes Back was spectacular and how they were able to pick up and keep going.”

Star Trek 2 releases in 2013.

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9 thoughts on “To Khan Or Not To Khan

  1. JJ Abrams has already shown a disregard for the rules of Star Trek. So he’s going to do what he going to do. He is NOT Harve Bennet and probably has his own ideas on what to do next so I don’t look for him to duplicate The Wrath of Kahn. He has his own plot lines to grind into film.

  2. For the love of all that is holy to the Great Bird of the Galaxy please dont have Khan in the next one

  3. That comment doesn’t really make any sense. Roddenberry himself didn’t really like TWOK. He thought that Meyer and Harve Bennet were making his Trek far too military in nature. He didn’t really like it at all. So, I guess this comment was true circa 1981… you know… the first time Khan was taken from the hands of the Great Bird… and thank God.

  4. If Khan isn’t part of the next movie, they can just say that he is not. Being that the Trek University is so large as they say, there is no harm in ruling that out right away and move on.

  5. Wasn’t “The Wrath of Khan” Star Trek 2 the first time around? I did not see much of “The Motion Picture” in JJ Abrams first Star Trek he did. I think this rumor is an echo from an earlier time. I doubt very much that JJ will do something so derivative as The Great Bird of the Galaxy did when he put a TOS plot (The Naked Time) and did it again in TNG (The Naked Now). One rule GR had was you never saw a StarFleet vessel take fire. Look at “Undiscovered Country” where it was done for the first time. I believe GR was in the credits beyond the usual “based on Star Trek which was created by Gene Roddenberry.”

  6. Yeah, other than the gaping holes Khan put in the side of Enterprise which the people in Spacedock marvel at during the opening of Search for Spock…. right? Put your point is correct, even there, as Roddenberry’s real control over the film franchise was gone by that point.

  7. Never saw a starfleet vessel take fire? Right away “Errand of Mercy” comes to mind. Quite sure we saw the Enterprise take fire on that one. Or am I misunderstanding here?

  8. We saw the Enterprise shake and tilt to fire in many episodes. Never saw the disrupter hitting and damaging the ship as we have seen in Wrath and in Undiscovered. Since Gene’s passing we’ve seen Enterprise NX01 so messed up it took an advanced alien computer controlled repair complex to fix it. Go and look at Errand and you’ll see what I mean and compare it to Wrath and Undiscovered and it’s a huge difference.

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