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Star Trek Ongoing Comic #8

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In April, fans will be able to buy issue #8 in the Star Trek ongoing comic series, featuring the crew from the rebooted Star Trek.

In Star Trek #8, Kirk and crew must “race against time to thwart a renegade Vulcan plot to destroy Romulus.”

Sarek of Vulcan, Spock’s father, will make a guest star appearance in Star Trek #8.

Written by Mike Johnson, Star Trek #8 will feature art by Joe Phillips, with a cover by Tim Bradstreet. There will be two variant covers, one a Bradstreet sketch cover, and one a photo cover.

Star Trek #8 will be thirty-two pages in length and cost $3.99.

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5 thoughts on “Star Trek Ongoing Comic #8

  1. Everyone that complained about Vulcans in “Enterprise” not being Vulcan enough, I give you exhibit A.

  2. Sorry, it posted before i could get the full thought across. I meant to say: Everyone that complained about Vulcans in “Enterprise” not being Vulcan enough, but seem to not have issue with JJ’s Vulcans, I give you exhibit A. Tell me that this story line is very Vulcan, regardless of what happened to their planet. Vulcans would not seek revenge.

  3. It should be noted, however, that they are described as being “renegade Vulcans.”

  4. IF they approach it properly– IF– then the questions to ask are: What would push Vulcans to perform an illogical act, namely, seeking revenge? What would go through their heads? Would they justify it as logical, redressing an imbalance? Would the loss of Vulcan drive them as mad as Nero? (this may be the cop-out they will use.)
    Could it even be a group of Vulcans who reject Surak, either openly or in secret? How would such a group exist? What would their motivations be?
    Witness that Spock, who pushed himself his entire life to be more Vulcan than any other Vulcan, had his breaking points.
    It’s an un-Vulcan story if you approach it from he easiest angle, that they’re just upset about the loss of their world. (What pussies, right?) If they avoid the easy path, there’s a lot of good story possibilities there.

  5. I didnt have a problem with Enterprise’s Vulcans. They represented a race that was “cold” and not fully trusting of humans yet. I mean Enterprise was set 100 years before TOS right? why would you expect to see Vulcans then as you see them throughout the rest of Trek? Spock from the pilot and the first few eps of TOS was different than most Trekkies seem to remember him and then he changed again in Unification. Spock prime in Trek09 seemed much more of a carryover from Spock in Trek6 in my oppinion. And there’s Sybok(sp) which throws a wrench in everything. So all of that explains that there is no single way a Vulcan should be. Why is it such a stretch that a Vulcan would seek revenge after the destruction of his planet and all that exists on the planet. How much of the katras(sp) werent saved? If they were beings who didnt have emotions that would be one thing but they’re not. Vulcans simply surpress theirs, as we’ve seen many times before, a strong enough trigger could unleash it. Pon Farr certainly does…

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