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Abrams Deal Extended

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Paramount Pictures has extended its “first-look” deal with Star Trek‘s J.J. Abrams.

Abrams’ deal with Paramount began in 2006 and resulted in movies such as Mission: Impossible III, Mission Impossible – Ghost Protocol, Cloverfield, Star Trek XI, Morning Glory, Super 8 and the forthcoming Star Trek 2.

“J.J. is a unique talent and a captivating storyteller,” said Brad Grey, chairman and CEO of Paramount Pictures. “J.J., Bryan Burk and the whole Bad Robot team are an integral part of Paramount and we’re proud to continue our collaboration. Their pictures have extraordinary resonance around the world and we’re so pleased Paramount will be their home for years to come.”

Abrams projects have been profitable for Paramount Pictures. Star Trek XI grossed more than $385 million worldwide; Super 8 netted $260 million (on a $50 million budget) and Mission Impossible – Ghost Protocol has thus far brought in over $600 million since its debut in December of 2011.

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7 thoughts on “Abrams Deal Extended

  1. J.J. Abrams and his production staff are Definitely a better class of creative people than John Broughton, Michael Bednar, Vic Mignogna, Dennis Bailey, and the rest of the Starship Farragut production team. And a better class of visionaries than those who have foolishly made fun of J.J. Abrams and the Star Trek prequel/reboot.

  2. Hey Razorburn, what’s your problem? Lay off the Vendetta. Why don’t we all try to live and let live? If you have a problem with those people, man up and deal with them directly why don’t you? This is not the appropriate place to put out your personal issues, is it? I mean, think about it for a minute.

  3. Hey, Salve, I could say the same about the many fans who have been slamming hard and voicing their personal issues with J.J. Abrams and what he has done with the Star Trek franchise. Ever since the prequel reboot was released some four years past, people have been complaining and accusing Abrams of ruining Star Trek. Personally, I think that is a huge load of shit. What Abrams did was bring life back to the franchise(which was nearly run into the ground by those who lacked the sense that God ever gave to a person. Yes, I’m refering to Rick Berman and the former executives that were in charge of Paramount Pictures).

    If you all don’t like Abrams or have a problem with what he is doing with Star Trek, then just don’t watch it. Hurling insults and other negativity just don’t cut it. Let alone fans seizing other fans memorbilia without their permission. And if fans can’t do that, then as you say, man up and deal with him and Paramount directly. Like you said, this is not the appropriate place to put out personal issues. Especially when it comes to a filmmaker who did an excellent job in making Star Trek better and bolder than ever before.

    God, its people like these Abrams haters that really slander the name of Star Trek on a whole, and ruin something that is enjoyable. Think about that for a minute.

  4. I’m not an Abram’s hater. I like all the fan films and the real films and the series and every bit of it. Some more than others and a few episodes of every series that are, well, let’s say that quantity isn’t as important as quality.
    Anyhow, that was all I had to say, thanks.

  5. The continual disagreements about this film is because there are Sci-Fi fans who like Star Trek, and there are true Star Trek fans. The Sci-Fi fans love JJ’s Star Trek because it is Sci-Fi and find it difficult to understand why Star Trek Fans believe it is a travesty. There is no point continuing the argument because the Sci-Fi fans will never understand what it means to be a true Star Trek fan.

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