June 14 2024


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Russ Wins Indie Soap Award

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Star Trek: Voyager‘s Tim Russ has won an award for his work on Bloomers.

Russ and fellow director Henryk Cymerman won Best Director of a Comedy at the Indie Soap Awards held in New York City last week.

Bloomers, a web-based comedy about a “diverse group of friends finding new ways to love, work and laugh in downtown Los Angeles, was co-directed by Russ, and he had a part in the series as Mr. Adler, the “tough boss” of one of the Bloomers main characters.

“Mr. Adler is focused, determined, and curt,” said Russ. “His character is somewhat unpredictable in that when you expect him to say one thing, or react a certain way, he does the opposite. He is all about business, and just plows along to his objective no matter what you say to him. I like working on indie projects mainly because you often get a chance to play roles that you wouldn’t get to read for doing TV shows and in most big budget films.”

Bloomers was nominated for two awards: Best Actress in a Comedy (Fernanda Espíndola) and Best Director of a Comedy (Russ and Cymerman).

“The Indie Soap Awards, or ISAs, strive to honor the very best in scripted, serialized programming for the web and are presented annually by We Love Soaps in association with SFN.”

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5 thoughts on “Russ Wins Indie Soap Award

  1. Tim Russ is *indeed* the man and a terrific director to boot. Did you know: he directed only one episode of Voyager, “Living Witness”–which I think is the best episode of that series.

  2. I started out just absolutely loathing Tuvok. Then after a while it sank in that it wasn’t Tim Russ’s fault at all, it was Voyager’s mangling of established Vulcan history and tradition. Russ was absolutely perfect as Tuvok, it was the writing that failed him.

  3. Good to see he’s still keeping busy. Somewhere out there, Julianna Feigl is smiling. (She was a regular poster at alt.tv.star-trek.voyager back in the day, known for her Tim Russ obsession.)

    But boy, his hair is really going gray. It was already noticeable on Samantha Who, but you can’t miss it now. (Tim was hilarious on Samantha Who, by the way; if you haven’t checked that show out, the DVDs are cheap.)

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