June 13 2024


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Star Trek 2 Newbies Doing Just Fine

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With filming under way for Star Trek 2, two of the newcomers, Benedict Cumberbatch and Alice Eve, are settling into their jobs, and a familiar face returns briefly to the Trek set.

While promoting his latest film, This Means War, Chris Pine spoke briefly about Cumberbatch and Eve. “They’re getting on great,” he said. “We have a really good, warm, inclusive group from the first one and I think everybody’s kind of getting the hang of things and fitting in quite nicely.”

Meanwhile, if his tweet today is any indication, Leonard Nimoy has made his visit to the Star Trek 2 set, as he announced that he would do last week. “Lots of hugs and handshakes,” said Nimoy. “Like being surrounded by family. So proud to be part of the Star Trek history. LLAP.”

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6 thoughts on “Star Trek 2 Newbies Doing Just Fine

  1. I dunno…If it was my movie, I would have cast Cumberbatch as a Romulan…and Alice Eve as Carole Marcus. But that’s just me.

  2. Anyone who has worked with Benedict C. says that he is a total professional and will know his role inside out and at the same time be as so many say “a joy to work with”.

  3. Carol Marcus would be a great addition to an early (8 YEARS TOO EARLY) Trek story, David probably being born around 2260. It’s a nice big unexplored part of Kirk’s life.

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