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Takei: Winning The Internet

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He may be seventy-four years old, but George Takei is not being left behind when it comes to modern technology.

Takei even has his own Facebook page, with over a million “likes”, which is a source of amazement to the actor.

“I am astounded,” said Takei of the million-plus followers. “We started off with a few hundred, and then a few thousand, and we thought, ‘Oh, isn’t that exciting! 17,000!’ Now we have over 1.1 million people. And now we get requests from all these people who want us to help promote their nonprofits or whatever, because they know that I have over a million people that I can immediately access. I don’t like to scatter both my resources and my interests too thinly. I want it to be meaningful. So many people like to see their names on everything.”

Takei’s Facebook page is so popular that the actor can no longer do all the work for it himself. “People send it in to us, so it’s kind of easy,” he said. “In fact, no it isn’t — now it’s a tidal wave coming in. And it takes a lot of time. I used to do it myself completely, then I recruited Brad [Altman] to help me, and now we have an intern in New York who helps me as well. I can’t do that and all the other things that I have to do. What I do is stockpile a lot of them and dole them out in drips and drabs.”

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  1. George Takei is one of the nicest, most sincere and dignified people I have ever met, in the industry or not.

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